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Vintage GI Joe Want List

If you have any of these items and would like to sell or trade them, please contact us.

Complete Sets

Loose Items

  • 1969 The Shark's Surprise MIB (with figure variation)
  • 1967 Talking Marine MIB
  • 1970 Talking Commander MIB
  • 1969 Spacewalk Mystery MIB
  • 1970 Talking Man of Action MIB
  • 1969 Vinyl Adventure Locker
  • 1969 Vinyl Astro Locker
  • 1969 Vinyl Aqua Locker
  • Mint set of GI Joe TM Hong Kong Soldier Fatigues
  • Mint set of GI Joe TM Japan Soldier Fatigues
  • 1st Issue Typed Boot instructions (need 2)
  • No Country of Origin Field Jacket
  • Mint Hasbro R Orange Pilot Jumpsuit
  • White Scuba tanks with black base plate
  • 1969 Secret Mission To Spy Island Instructions
  • Sea Adventurer Pants, mint

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